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Signs that mean your car is wrecked or damaged

You got it in your college years and it is all that you wanted- your favorite car. However, over the next few years your car goes through a lot. All those drives, fender benders and at times you also tended to avoid the fact that it needed repairs. Nevertheless, all the use starts showing up in your car and at one point you plan to sell it out for something new. Before you start with coming up with solutions to questions like ‘Where can I sell my car fast?’ or look for buyers,


Should you trade your used car or sell it off?

So are you planning to move another step closer to your dream car by selling your present one? If you are a first time seller, you need to prepare for the different considerations you should make. However, selling your used or junk car isn't your only option. You can also trade-in with something close to your favorites maybe even something you love! As with everything else, trade-ins and sell offs have both their pros and cons and to make a decision you should have a grip on all of


Selling your vintage car- things you need to know

Selling a vintage car may turn out to be more difficult than selling a modern vehicle due to the lack of buyers. It can be even tricky if you are a first time seller as you need to market the vehicle to a niche market. Regardless of the difficulty in selling, if your vintage car is maintained well, it will generally sell at a higher price than many latest, used cars. Due to the shortage of vintage car buyers you need to make a number of considerations before and throughout the entire


Why Mills Motors?

Mills Motors can buy your old, used, damaged, junk car or today. We are a major vehicle buyer with over 350 locations nationwide - with an office near you. We are a buyer of any automobile. Anywhere and


Benefits of selling your used car

When planning to sell out a used car, owners might find themselves stuck between numbers of considerations. Should I pay to get my car listed online? Is my Facebook account the best place to start? Should I stick to classified print ads? These are just a fraction of the various things that instantly come to mind. More than often, due to the countless considerations, sellers often procrastinate and end up depreciating their vehicle furthermore. If you have a used car, whether it is wrecked


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