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There’s a better way to sell used cars for cash

vintage car cash

Selling a car can be a simple or easy. Here are a few steps that migh make the process easier for you.

1.Get a price. 2. Sell used car. 3. Get money. These three simple steps have been around since cars have been around. But the traditional way to sell used cars for cash was to sell it in the newspaper classified, list it on Craigslist or list it on eBay.

Now when you say, “ I want to sell my junk car" or a good used car there’s a better way. Mills Motors buys cars for cash. It doesn’t matter if your car or truck is running or not. It can be falling apart or in fantastic shape. Just call Mills Motors at 800.640.3236, or fill out this easy quote form. Mills Motors will call you the same day and work out a price that’s satisfactory to both of you. Then they’ll come pick up your used car or truck and pay you your cash on the same day. 1. Get a price. 2. Sell used car. 3. Get money. These simple steps have never been easier, or faster.

Mills Motors has been there for more than 25 years when someone says, “I want to sell my junk car.” And because they operate all over the U.S. they can usually pick up your used vehicle in one day or less.

Mills Motors is licensed and insured, which offers real peace of mind compared to having many different prospective buyers coming to your house that you don’t know. Remember, when you’re thinking, “I want to sell my junk car”, think of Mill Motors as the better way to sell a vehicle today.