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Buy my car for cash

Will Anyone Buy My Car for a Good Cause?

Good deeds never go unpunished and if the universe has its way, all good deeds are repaid 10x over. Take for instance the story of Lauren who needed money for a special project at school. Now she was already working during most of her free time because she wanted to ask as little money as possible from her parents but she knew that this project would cost a lot of money; more than what she can afford on her monthly income. She really didn’t want to go to her dad or mom for money since she knew they were putting money away for a grand vacation. One day, she went home, getting ready to beg for money when she spied her old car in the garage. She hardly ever used it because she didn’t want to pay for gas or for parking and this was when she had a brainstorm. “Maybe, someone could buy my car and I would have money for my project.” She said to herself. “I mean I hardly use it and if I can find someone to buy my car my dad will have more free space in his garage.”

She kept the through to herself all throughout dinner because she wasn’t sure about it yet. The car was a gift from her grandpa after all and it had some sentimental value. Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore and approached her dad after dinner. “Dad, you think anyone would buy my car?” she asked casually as she sat down beside him on the couch. “Now why would you want to sell your car for cash? Is there something you aren’t telling me?” he asked her. She thought it over for a moment and decided to come clean. “I want to sell my car because I have this project that will require some money.” she confessed unable to look him in the eye the whole time.

Her dad took a moment to respond. “Now you do not have to sell your car for cash. You know we are willing to help you out.” he said and she looked up quickly. “No. I do not want to ask you for money since I know you and mom are saving up for vacation. You deserve that vacation, I know that. So I’m hoping to look for someone to buy my car.” she answered.

He didn’t say anything once more so she kept talking, “If someone does buy my car, I can have money and you can go on vacation. I know granddad left it for me to use but I hardly use it anyway. I know he would like my plan.” She said with conviction. “Well, you sound sure of yourself; just make sure that you look for a good buyer.”

She paid a call to a company her best friend recommended and she said, “I want to sell my car, can you guys help me out?” that was the best phone call she ever made because they paid her good money for the car and even towed it for her. In the end, she got money to pay for her project and was even able to contribute a couple hundred bucks to her parents’ trip.

Would you put aside emotion to do something you know is right? Think about what you would do if you were in Lauren’s shoes.