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It is never a good feeling to watch a good friend suffer especially if there is a way to help out. Take for instance Roger whose best-friend Tom didn’t have enough money to go on their senior class trip because his baby sister was sick and his parents had to pay for her medical bills. Tom so badly wanted to go but being the good kid he was, he didn’t pester his parents for the money since he knew it would just tax their budget way too much and his sister’s health was more important. Roger couldn’t stand to see his friend so sad whenever people started talking about the trip and this is why took it upon himself to start a fundraiser. He knew people would donate but he wanted to make sure the bulk of the money was available and this is how he decided to sell his car for cash. Roger’s dad had an old junk car in the garage that he wanted to send to the scrap heap but never got around to it so Roger decided that the money would be put to good use of he sold the car for cash.

He asked his dad for permission to sell the car and the moment his dad said yes, he looked for companies that would buy the junk car but this is where it got tough. He called a company and said, “Hi, I want to sell my car. It is a junk car really but I was hoping to get money for it.”

“You are in luck because we buy junk cars. However, there are several steps you need to take.” The agent them proceeded to talk about a long and complicated process. Roger had no time for that long process so he said good bye and called another company.

“Hello, I want to sell my car which is basically junk. Do you have any offers for me?” he asked.

“We buy junk cars and we buy other cars as well. Can you tell me more about the car?” so Roger gave the agent information.

“Oh yes, we buy junk cars and we like to make it easy for our customers so we make things easy and quick” the agent answered when roger asked about the buying process.

“As we buy junk cars, we understand that owners may have a hard time bringing the cars to us and this is why we will tow it for them. We will do the same for you.” the agent said and Roger knew he found the perfect company.

After a few days, the guys came on over and took the car. They handed him and his dad some papers to sign and they gave him the money for his junk car. He had enough to help pay for Tom’s trip and even gave his parents money to have a nice dinner out.

Would you sell your car to help out a friend in need? Good deeds never go unrewarded so you really need to think about it.