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Can damaged cars be imported?

import damaged cars

Importing damaged cars from another state is something everyone does not consider while buying a car. But it is not as difficult a process as it sounds. If your short on money or you want to certain car model, then importing it can be a good option. There are certain procedure that need to be followed to get a car imported.

  • The reason why one would want to import a damaged car is because they are very cheap. As you get a car at a cheaper rate, then you can spend the balance on getting it fixed and decorating it a little. Even after all this, you will end up paying less than a brand new car.
  • You need to enquire about the list of cars that are allowed to be imported in the country. If you import a car apart from the approved list then you may not be allowed to use in the country. You can get the list of cars on the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • You can also find a list of the authorised importers. If you want to follow the legal procedure then you will have to get it imported from the authorised importers only. You can check with them whether they import damaged cars
  • A lot of paper work is required here, but the importer will take care of it. Even after the car is imported, you will need to complete the local procedure.
  • The paper work includes country of origin of the car, shipping arrangements, import duties, MOT and the vehicular assessment when the car arrives in the country.
  • After the car is imported, you will need to do speedometer conversions, change the plate and a repairing as this all is mandatory.
  • You will need to file the paper work in the local vehicles department too. This is extremely important for their records and you cannot skip this process. You will also need to show the proof of your import too.

After reading about how to import damaged cars, I am sure that you may not have thought how easy it was to get almost any car imported from any US state. A lot of us have dreamt of owning some of the high end cars which is not really possible in this economy. But if we think wisely, we can own nice damaged cars cars just by pulling by fixing them up.We can fill out all the applications required. Get to know the legal procedure and then all we have to do is to wait. But we also have to be very attentive when we start this procedure. If you have a damaged car you want to sell, MillsMotors can pay and tow the vehicle away onthe same day when you call 800 640 3236.