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My Damaged Car and How I Got Money for It

I consider myself a very careful driver but I am sad to say that other drivers aren’t quite as careful as I am and this is the story of how my car was damaged and how I had to sell it. Now, when I first broached the subject of selling my damaged car, my partner was aghast, “It is not that bad! The damages can be repaired.” she said. But I knew simply by looking at the car that the damages were going to cost a pretty penny to fix and this was impractical when I think about what is my car worth. This was how I decided to sell my car because if I considered how much my car is worth and the price of the repairs, it just wouldn’t be practical.

I think it is better to sell the car so I can get some money and invest it in a new car. Maybe I can even get a used one so I do not spend too much money. The costs of repairing this will just be too much and it doesn’t make sense to spend that amount of money.”

But where will you sell your damaged car and how much money can you really get for it?”

This got me thinking about what is my car worth now that it is damaged and so I decided to pay one of my buddies a call as he has had lots of experience selling used and damaged autos.

Here in California, you can find a lot of companies that are willing to buy your damaged car. Why, some of them will even pay good money for wrecked cars. You just have to know where to go and who to turn to. You need to be careful as some companies will make outrageous promises they have no intentions of keeping and they will just disappoint you.”

How do I look for the good companies?”

Good you asked! You can look for companies online because most of them are willing to make life easy for you and they pay good money. You can use these California companies to sell your car or you can sell your car to them for cash. You might want to try the company I always go to which is MillsMotors because they have some of the best services and deals for you. As part of their services, they will even pick up the car from your house.”

I liked the sound of this company so I decided to go for their services. Let me tell you, I never regretted my decision for a moment. ">Here at MillsMotors, we live to make life easier for you and this is why we accept all sorts of cars that you have to sell. Used, damaged, and wrecked cars—we take them all and pay you honest-to-goodness cash right then and there. Pay us a visit at to learn more about our services and how we function.