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The Convenience of Paying Cash for Cars

I badly need a new car but I really can’t afford to buy a brand new one so I’m somewhat stuck. My work place is a bit far away and I can’t really walk or just bike to get there. Thinking about the commute by bus or train also makes me want to faint. However, just when it seemed like I was never going to get my hands on a proper ride, I hit a brainstorm! I was going to buy a used car here in Michigan since it is cheaper and will last me several years while I save up for a new one.

Now, I know I couldn’t do this on my own so what I did was pay a call to a close friend of mine who just bought a used car here in Michigan in the hopes that he could help me out. I picked up the phone and said, “Hey buddy! Do you mind giving me a hand and helping me look for a nice used car for a low price?” As luck would have it, he had some free time and decided to take a trip down to see me so we can talk about cash for cars which is how he got his hands on his own used car.

He sat me down and said, “Well old friend, you made the right choice in deciding to buy a used car but have you thought about how you will pay for it? Have you thought about cars for cash?”

“On an installment basis! I pay the seller a bit of money each month until I pay off the whole amount!” I couldn’t believe he was asking me this. Of course installment is the best way to pay and everyone knows that.

Much to my chagrin, he chuckled and shook his head, “No buddy! Cash for cars is the best way to do it because you spare yourself from whole lot of trouble.”

What trouble? Of course I wanted to know! What is this cars for cash deal?

“Well, if you pay for your used car on an installment basis, you have to apply for a loan and you have to worry about making monthly payments to the seller and the financial body you get money from. With cash for cars, you pay one time and that is it.”

For someone like me who was strapped for cash and in need of a car, this cars for cash deal was like hitting the jackpot so I prompted him to tell me more!

The best thing to do is look for a company that will deal with your fair and square. Me? I went straight to MillsMotors here in Michigan because I knew they would give me the best and fairest deals. You really need to check them out.”

At MillsMotors, we take care of your car needs and we provide used and junk cars at very reasonable prices. We check and double check these vehicles to make sure they are up to par. If you wish to find out more about is, visit our office nearest you or place a call to 800-640-3236 so we can have a nice chat.