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Get cash value for your car

Get the most value for your old car
Forget your dog. Most would say a car is man's best friend. But cars get old and even though you two are fond of each other, there comes a time when the car has got to go.
So it's time to sell it. But to get the most cash for cars it helps to make them look and run as well as possible.

Spit and polish
Even cars a decade old or older are painted with modern coatings that shine up like new with just a little effort. Buy or rent a car buffer and use a little polishing compound to bring back that new car shine, give it a coat of wax and you'll improve the cars for cash value of your vehicle considerably.

Details count
When a car dealer looks to make the most cash for cars, he takes the time to detail the interior which means cleaning the door jambs, the heating and A/C ducts and the headline. If the carpet is worn, new floor mats go in to hide it. He'll even have a paintless dent removal company come out to remove small dings in the doors. When it comes to getting more cash for cars dealers know these things work.

History makes the sale
Keep in mind that you want to make people “want” your car. Make it as easy as possible for this to happen. Present all the maintenance records. If you bought the car new, show them the original sticker from the window to show the new car price so they'll think they're getting a good deal.

Reach the best cash for cars price
Of course, getting cash for cars means setting a realistic price. How do you get to the right price? Go to Kelly Blue Book or the NADA used car guide. Look up your make, model and year, they'll ask you online questions such as mileage, options, condition and other items. Once you're done you'll have a pretty accurate guide as to what your car is worth. Clean your car up, price it right and cash for cars can be close at hand.