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How much is my car worth?

Know value of your car

Here are some of the important factors you have to keep in mind to figure out what your car is worth before you go and try to sell it:

  • To estimate the worth of your car, you shoudl buy a value guide or call a professional buyer. These can provide you with clear terms on a car’s worth so that you can calculate how much you will get for it. A value guide will have questions about the condition of the car and answering these can help get the worth of the car determined. A live buyer will tell you how much money you will get for it today!
  • Cars are usually rated depending on their present condition. The rating is from 1 to 5 with 1 meaning the car is in excellent condition or is a show car and 5 meaning most of the parts might need restoration.
  • Classic or the cars which fall under the vintage category need frequent maintenance. People highly value a car’s exterior appearance this is why you have to take care of your vintage car. Think of yourself in the buyer’s shoes and imagine what you would like to get from a car even if it is second hand.
  • You can improve the answer to the question "How much is my car worth?” by presenting buyers with a clean car inside and out. Thoroughly vacuum your car and wax it to give it a polished look.
  • Check your car tires to increase what is my car worth. If the tires need replacing, invest them if your budget allows.
  • Give your car a short test drive. Take note of the steering wheel’s movements and listen to weird noises, if any, that your car might make. Check the ignition of your car as well. Decide selling your car after checking even these tiny details as they will affect your chances of being able to get a buyer. Buyers notice everything and you should be prepared and avoid embarrassment when they inspect the vehicle.
  • Since you are selling a used vehicle, mention how well it runs. Some cars cost a lot more than others and some are also very rarely found. The worth of these cars will surely be above all the others.
  • Color can also determine your car worth. Blue and red are considered rare in vehicles while browns are more common. This factor also helps in determining how much the total cost of the vehicle would be.

These are just some of the basics on how to know how much your car worth is.