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Selling My Car in California

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but seeing the results of your good deeds makes everything all right in the end. Take the story of friends Jonathan, Leigh, and Amber who wanted to do something for the residents and the old folks' home near where they lived.

Jonathan looked to Amber who was holding a pad and pen in her hands ready to jot down any money making ideas they could come up with to make money. They wanted to throw a nice party for their friends at the nursing home near their village. “I don’t think people will buy lemonade at this time of the year.” Leigh announced as she took a peek at the list and Amber nodded sadly in agreement.

Jonathan knew they didn’t have much time and he was just about to suggest they throw in the towel when he remembered something. His brother just went off to college and he left a junk car behind. He wanted to restore it but he didn’t have money for the project so it was just rotting in their garage and causing his mother no amount of misery.

“Girls, I have the most brilliant idea! My brother left me a junk car in the garage! We can sell that for scrap! I mean, we can get a couple hundred bucks from it at the very least. Besides, no one is going to buy my car in that state so let’s sell my car.” He suggested.

“Great idea, Jon! We don’t even have to sacrifice our weekends to wash cars and make lemonade!” Amber trilled excitedly and Leigh nodded in agreement.

“But, are you sure you want to do this? It seems like a he sacrifice on your part.” Leigh asked; her eyes full of concern.

“Of course I’m sure! It’s for a good cause and you girls can help figure out how to make the scrap yard buy my car.”

When they parted that day, Leigh went straight to amber’s house to do some research and was quite thrilled to find out that selling the car for scrap wasn’t necessary because they now knew how to sell a car in California.

They met the next day and Jon said, “So, how are we to sell my car? Is the junk yard even willing to buy my car?”

Amber and Leigh laughed, “There will be no junk yards for us.”

Jon as shocked, “You girls know that is just about the only way to sell my car, right? It is a piece of junk and no one else will buy my car. Let’s just sell my car to the scrap yard today.”

“We’ll get more money if we sell it to the right company and we found the perfect one online.” they answered and told him all about the company they found online.

“You mean to tell me, they will buy my car for good money and even tow it? Why didn’t you say so! Come one! Let’s sell my car and show those folks at home a great time!” he announced as he reached for his phone to make the call to the car company.

If you know how to sell a car in California and you were to donate the money to a good cause, would you do it? It can make people happy and this is something you need to think about.