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Making the Most Out of Damaged Cars

My sister and I share an ancient car—and when I say ancient, I mean really very old. It belonged to our dad when he was still in college, and I don’t know how it lasted this long! It’s not a vintage car or anything—just an old car which is now a damaged car. Sad to say, our trusty old car had to bear the weight of one our neighbor’s front yard trees when it was blown down by a storm. It’s no one’s fault you see, but now we can’t use our car.

Feeling apologetic over something which wasn’t anybody’s fault, our neighbor went to our place one time and talked to us. “I’ve had experience with damaged cars before. Being from a large family, my siblings had car changes while I was growing up. Anyway, I know my tree caused your damaged car and I thought to tell you about knowing the damaged car value you can get for your vehicle.”

I exchanged looks with my sister and thought about this new information we heard about damaged cars. “We didn’t know about this! But, how do we know our damaged car value?” We asked our neighbor and she gladly helped us out by filling us in on our concerns about our damaged car.

She mentioned how we should do an overall assessment of the damage of our car. Since the tree pretty much landed on the hood, there was a mighty huge dent on it and it just looks awful. Its being old didn’t help with its overall condition.

The doors can be opened easily, but sitting inside a big problem. Our neighbor also mentioned to check the wheels and what condition they are in. The front wheels are just hopeless! Basically, the car was a wreck and we prepared ourselves for just a little amount for its damaged car value.

But hey, little is better than none, right? This is why my sister and I gave our neighbor’s advice a go. She told us about MillsMotors Inc. and how they’ve been in the car buying industry for a long time and that they buy damaged cars. First, we were hesitant since we know our car is really old and badly damaged. But when the representative from MillsMotors came to our place, we were glad to hear the amount they offered us!

We were also very pleased that they came on our agreed date and didn’t make us wait for them. The process was easy breezy. When we agreed on the amount, the pickup date was arranged and on that very same day, we received our money for the damaged vehicle we had.