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Allow me to let you in on a little secret because none of my friends know about this gem I have hidden in my garage. See, I’ve been working on a classic car for quite some time now and I hope to be able to sell it for a tidy sum. Now, you may be tempted to scoff and say, “Old cars are really cheap! Why bother fixing one and selling it?” But I disagree since there is a massive difference between an old car and a classic car. My car happens to be a very good-looking classic at that.

Now, what is this car worth? I’m not really sure but this doesn’t mean I won’t find out. So what I did was place a call to one of my buddies who really knows a lot about these cars because I know he can tell me this classic car value. I picked up the phone and after a few rings, he picked up and I said “Hey there buddy! I have a beauty of a classic car in my garage! Can you tell me what is my car worth?

A classic car? In your garage? Why of course I can tell you the classic car value but I need to see it first! When can I come over and tell you the more about the car?” If there is one thing that excites my friend, it is classic cars so we made arrangements for him to come on over so he can give it a look and tell me finally what is my car worth.

He came over in a few hours which was really a record as this buddy of mine rarely rushes for anything. As we took some refreshments, he talked to me about a classic car value guide that is used by most companies to help them decide the classic car worth.

Classic cars are rated according to their current condition. The best ones get a 1 and the worst ones get a 5. If your car is a 1, you can be sure it is worth a lot of money.”

I really do hope my car is a 1 because I can sure use the cash and I’m pretty sure this classic car worth is tops.

In the case of classic or vintage cars, people look at the exterior so it must be spic and span so they use appearance as a way to gauge classic car worth.”

My car was spotless!

After inspection, he told me more or less what is my car worth and I was elated. I asked him where to look for a buyer and he recommended a company he’s always sold cars to which was MillsMotors.

The guys at Millsmotors will deal with you fair and square. They don’t have any nasty surprises for their clients so you best do business with them.” is what he said and you can be sure I will take his advice.

MillsMotors is a company that takes care of its clients by offering only the fairest deals. We take in all kinds of cars provided they meet our criteria and we pay good money for them. If you want to have a chat, call us at 800-640-3236 or visit one of our many offices.