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How to Estimate Used Car Value

Used cars value can vary depending on several factors. The car value of your used vehicle can be affected by the following factors, but there are also some ways to help increased your used car value. Read on to find out the things you need to check to estimate your car’s worth and help raise your car value a little more even if it’s used.

Factors That Affect Used Cars Value

Condition – This refers to whether your car is still in good running condition or if it is already faulty and needs a lot of repair. You are more likely to get better car value when your car still runs perfectly. To check, note how your car starts up and listen for any weird noises. If it starts like a good vehicle should, this can increase the value of your used car. If the start up takes time and your vehicle makes a lot of weird or sputtering noises, this may turn the buyer’s favour towards another used vehicle instead. Also, check the interior and exterior state of your car. Scratches outside or bad upholstery can definitely lower your used car value. Repair these a bit and get to increase the value by a few hundreds.

Mileage – The total miles travelled by your car will give the buyer a pretty good impression of how much wear and tear your car has had to deal with. The lower your car mileage is, the better price you will get for your car. A lot of miles run doesn’t necessarily correlate with a bad price. If you’ve been able to keep your car in good condition and it still runs smoothly, some buyers won’t mind the mileage too much.

Model, year, and make – Some car buyers prefer a specific brand or year of a used car. Some even look for vintage rides. If you happen to have a vintage car in running condition, you’re in for a treat. Used cars value of vintage vehicles can be over the top! Since these are classics and can be rare finds, you can increase the value even more by making sure it looks good in and out and of course under the hood. If your car isn’t a classic, remember how some car names are more expensive than others and take them into consideration.

Age – Similar to mileage, your car’s years of service to you affects its value too. Some don’t prefer cars used for several years by its previous owners as long as it is still in good condition, but usually, this makes your used car value much less as your car’s age increases.

timate the value of your car by using car selling references such as Kelley’s blue book, or finding similar car models for sale online and comparing what prices can be considered competitive. Keep in mind how a “newer” used car sells at a higher price compared to older used cars, but you can do some repairs and renovations from your end to raise your price a little bit higher for better profit.