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How to fix scratches on your own car

Fix Scratches of car

Fix scratches or sell the car for cash?

Many of us have experienced scratches in the paint job of our cars. Having a professional fix scratches can prove to be an expensive venture and you may wonder if it is even worth it. However, scratches often lead to rust spots, so it important to cover them before they sit for too long. With a little know how, you can cover your scratches at home and save yourself the expense of hiring a professional, or be forced to ultimately junking your car for cash. You may want to find a friend to help you as this project takes a while and can be daunting to the beginner. The paint used to repair scratches usually comes from a touch up bottle that can be found at your local mechanic's shop or auto store or dealership. These come in a number of colors that are meant to blend with the coats of most vehicles. If your car is a unique color, however, you may need to look a little harder for touch up paint. Your dealer can sometimes contact the automaker and order a small sample of paint that will match your car's color perfectly. Keep in mind, this will be harder with an older car that is no longer being made. In addition to paint, you will need several other supplies. Look for a good auto cleaning solvent. Rubbing alcohol will also work on most paint jobs, but test it in an inconspicuous place to be sure it does not damage paint. You will also need paper towels to catch drips as well as a sanding block. A sanding block can be found in the auto section of your hardware store. Do not try to substitute wet sand paper with another abrasive material, this will not work! Once you have gathered your materials and tested your solvent, you are ready to start. Clean the scratch area with the rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry. Next, use the small brush in the bottle to apply a very thin layer of paint to the scratch. Do not use too much or it will drip and look terrible. Allow the paint to dry for about 24 hours. The last step is to use the sanding block. This very fine wet sanding paper attached to the block will not scratch your car. This step is necessary to smooth the paint. Sand only until the surface looks smooth and congratulate yourself on a job well done. But if you’re not ready to go through this process and you want to sell the car for cash, give MillsMotors a call. They will be happy to make you an offer and they will pay you the same day that they tow your car away.