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Sell a Car for Someone You Love

Bringing happiness to others sometimes means you have to give up some things that will make you happy. This is what happened to James when his brother named Jimmy got robbed in school; he knew he had to help somehow but he also wanted to buy a new game console. He didn’t really have much money but he was planning to sell a car in their garage so he could have the cash. However, he thought about his plan to sell a car for his new game console was plain selfish when his brother needed to replace his laptop and hard drive. So he went to his mom to talk about it.

“Mom, how is Jimmy getting a new laptop for school?” he asked his mother during dinner.

“Well, I offered to help him buy one but he said he didn’t want to be a burden.” His mom answered. “Why are you asking?” she continued.

“Well, I was planning to sell a car to buy a new game console. You know the one, the really old one we have in the backyard? But maybe I would be better if I were to sell a car and give him the money?” he answered although he already knew what he was going to do.

“That is so nice of you! But do you know how to sell your car?” his mom asked.

“You have to know how to sell your car or someone might take advantage of you.” she said in a warning voice.

“No, I really don’t know how to sell a car but maybe you can help me out? That is if, you have some free time.” he added hastily because he knew she worked long hours.

“I really am not sure how to sell a car but if could help you look for the best way to do it. We can look tonight and we have to look for a way that will not be too complicated, okay?”She said and gave him a hug to show him how proud she was of him.

So James and his mother went online to look for tips on how to sell a car and as luck would have it, they came upon a company that made it easy for them to sell a car. The company not only offered them good money for their old vehicle but it also offered to tow the car so they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

In the end, they did manage to sell the car and they got really good money for it. The very next day, James and his mom met up so they could look for a laptop similar to what was stolen from Jimmy. They even had a little money left over for some burgers which they enjoyed their burger and while James still didn’t have his console, he knew the true meaning of sharing and what it was to do good for others.

If you were given a chance to help out someone you love, would you figure out how to sell your car? You may not be using the money for your own means but you will be repaid tenfold.