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How to Sell a Wrecked Car for Top Dollars

 Your car might be close to become a wrecked car and end its road life. What do you do with a car which is not serving any purpose for you? Are you ready to spare enough money to fix it up?

Selling your wrecked car might be the best option for you. 

If your car suffers an accident or becomes non-running the options of fixing it or sell your car fast comes to mind. Most of the time damage repairs are too costly when taken against the worth of the car.

Mills Motors make it worth selling your wrecked car by paying top dollars. Talk to our experts to know what you should do with a damaged car.

Sell your Wrecked Car with Mechanical Issues

You may have the car’s engine rod knocked or multiple engine oil leaks. Your car’s transmission might not be shifting properly or stuck in limp mode. Your car’s air conditioning system may have broken down.

It’s your call if your car’s mechanical concerns are worth repairing or not? Some mechanical problems are expensive to repair and can cause you hundreds and thousands of dollars. You can easily get fixed a minor issue without much burden on your pockets. But something else always goes wrong and you are back to the repair shop every now and then.

Whether it’s a major or minor mechanical issue, Mills Motors is always a good option to sell your wrecked or junk car.

Sell your Wrecked Car with Collision Damage or Accident Damaged

Minor fender-benders are common and so are big accidents. You may neglect a small ding on your car but if the body is pushed in, you can’t ignore it. Sometimes the collision you’ve been in isn’t covered under your insurance coverage. You can decide to deal with your car on your own.

Mills Motors makes it easy for you to sell your wrecked car by giving you a fair market price.

Sell your Totaled Car

If your car has been declared totaled by your insurance company, it’s not easy to sell it. No one is interested to pay cash for a totaled car so you can only expect lowball offers. You can pay hundreds of dollars to have it repaired at an auto repair shop. The truth is it’s usually not worth repairing a totaled car.

Wondering how to sell a totaled car and where? Trying to sell a wrecked car to a salvage yard can be very frustrating and selling a totaled car for parts is even more difficult. Selling your junk car online with Mills Motors is the quickest and easiest way for you. Selling your damaged cars to salvage yards can lead to endless hidden costs.

Best Way to Sell your Wrecked Car As Is

You could sell your wrecked car as is for cash easily. The problem you encounter is that not all options will pay you well. Mills Motors will pick up your junk car for free and helps to sell your car for top dollars.

To sell your wrecked car for top dollars contact us today!