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How to sell car privately

sell car privately

When you sell car privately then you have remember that it is not easy. You need to be patient in order to find potential buyers for your car. You also need to sell car legally to the buyer. Be honest to the buyer about the condition of the car. This may help. There are also certain things that will help you sell car. Here are a few tips that my help you.

  • Make a list of the problems with your car. Also mention about the major damages, replacements. It is important that you do not forget any. Estimation of the car will depend on this too. You have to mention all these details to the buyer.
  • You will need to estimate the car. If you want to do it yourself then use the Kelley’s blue book for it. Do not lie about the condition of the car. This will lead to incorrect estimate of your car.
  • Title of the car is a must. The motive of having the tile of the car is to assure that you are the owner of the car and no one else. If you have lost the car over the years then you can apply for its duplicate from the State Motor Vehicle Department. This will take a week’s time. Arrange about the title weeks before you sell car.
  • The buyer may want to take test drive of your car. You can accompany them with this. Do not let them go away with your car alone. They may be stealers.
  • You will need a copy of the history of the car. There are certain sites where you can find the details facts. The buyers always look for the History copy.
  • Sell car legally in the name of the buyer. You need to draft a small agreement mentioning the name of the buyer as well as the seller, the amount being paid for the car, amount already paid, amount due, mode of payment, date of payment with the signature of both the parties. The buyer and the seller should keep a copy of it. It is a proof of the car deal.
  • Ask for cash payment only. Do not take checks or money in installments. You may never know the intention of the buyer. Once the tile is transferred in the name of the buyer, he may flee away.

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