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How to sell damaged car

sell damaged car quickly

Selling damaged car is similar to selling a normal running one. The market value of these cars is never good. But due to recycling of cars to save the environment and the junkyards, there are several ways to sell a damaged car. a few tips might help you with this.

  • Go online and check for junkyards in your locality. Check all the junkyards and call them up. Mention the details of your car and ask for the amount they are willing to pay you. Mention all the minor details so that the amount is more accurate. Ask them if they are willing to tow your car or not.
  • You will also need the title of your car. if it tough to sell the car without its title if you have lost it then apply for a duplicate title at the state motor vehicle department.
  • If you want to sell the car privately or through an auction then you need to estimate its current value. The Kelley’s blue book is great book to estimate the value yourself else ask your car mechanic to do it for you.
  • If the condition of the damaged car is too bad then sell it in a junkyard. You will get paid according to the weight of the metal. You may also have to dismantle the car yourself before your car is sold at a junkyard.
  • If its value is more then you can sell through advertisements or privately. you can advertise in the local newpaper mentioning the details of the car and its photo. also put out flyers in the local book shop, coffee shop etc. Also mention the selling price of the car in your ad. It is important that you do not lie in the ad. The buyers cannot be cheated easily. Once they see the car themselves, they will get to know about your lie and turn down the deal.

To know how to sell damaged car is important. If you just keep a few things in mind then selling it will become even easier.

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