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How to sell my car in california

sell my car california

How to Sell my Car in California

Jake had just graduated and had been accepted as an assistant at the law firm where he worked during his training days. It was very comfortable for him to work there since the firm was also just in California and he didn’t need to change residences to get a new job.

He was the only child in their humble California household and had been given full support by his parents ever since he was little. Recently, he had been entertaining “How can I sell my car” ideas in his head to give his parents a post-graduation treat. He had the idea to sell a car for cash when he heard about it from a friend who sold a car to make money.

Seeing as he didn’t need to drive far to get to work and his pay at the California law firm was promising, he went ahead and searched how to sell a car for cash to give back to his parents somehow. “I can sell my car and use the money to add to some of my savings and give my parents a small vacation. I might even be more motivated to get a new car when I sell my car.”

His top concern however was to look for a reliable car dealer in California. To his knowledge, his parents had both never been out of California and he wanted to make a good amount of money so he could give them a small trip. “I could sell my car since I don’t really use it a lot for work. That way I can surprise my parents and see more than just our California hometown!”

He was excited when over one lunch break at that California law firm, he searched online for reputable car dealers where he could proceed and sell a car for cash. That was when he came across Mills Motors Inc. He got in touch by calling them at 800-640-3236 and asked the representative “I’m from California and I would like to sell a car for cash. Can you help me out?”

After hearing the positive reply of the Mills Motors Inc. representative, Jake was elated! He arranged for a pickup date when his parents were out of the house one weekend and was pleased to receive the cash that same day his car was towed.

That night, he broke the news over dinner. “Son, where’s your car? Did you lend to that friend of yours again?” his father asked. “No, dad. I have something to tell both of you. How would you both like to go somewhere out of California this summer?”

The surprise and delight on his mom’s face was evident, but all the same she asked “How did you make this possible?” Jake then explained that he decided to sell a car for cash and give them a well-deserved treat. “I wanted to sell my car and get you tickets so you can get out of California.”

It is a pleasure giving back to your elders, especially when they have dedicated their lives to you. Would you have done the same act to give back to them? The feeling of fulfillment is priceless.