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How to sell my old car

Old car

Nothing more bothers people than seeing car or truck taking up all the space in your garage. Once you stop driving your old car, it becomes a headache for you. It's not that easy to sell an old car. People always want to pay less then you want for a used, damaged, wrecked or junk vehicle. The first that will pop in your head when you want to sell your car is giving it away to the local garage. This is probably the worst idea when selling an old car. The mechanic will always make you feel that your car is pure crap.

Another way to sell your car is put it in the public domain, at least this has been a very lengthy way to sell my car. You will have to send out postcards to your friends, relative and neighbours. This takes time. Nothing is sure how many people will turn up. And there is no confidence that the car will get you a good price.

The third way is to sell them to the junk car companies. These companies take cars in any shape. Even a one that does not start or the one that had an accident. They take the cars and trucks for the metal and the parts. They are generally known to offer the best money for your old car. MillsMotors is one of them and you can give them a call. The representative discusses your car condition and offers a quote. If the quote is acceptable to you then they pay you and tow your car for free. Remember, they give the money in hand and in cash.

Another way of selling your old car is donating it. For your generous donation, the government gives you tax deductions. You work towards a noble cause and get tax relief. The amount for deduction is either the quote given by the donor or for the amount the charitable organisation sells it for. The organisation gives you a receipt for this donation which has to be submitted for tax relief. The is a recomened charity call

How ever you decide to get rid of the vehicle, never forget to have ready the photos of the truck or car ready to share online.

Selling an old car is always a tedious job. A little research always helps. Be patient if you want a good resale value. Pick any choice that suits you the best.

Everything about selling your car- HOW TO SELL MY CAR.