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I am selling my car for cash advice

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 I am selling my car for cash today - advice?

A barman once had to wake up a regular customer because he was the last one left. With his forehead red from having slept on the bar counter, he asked the man if he could stand to take him outside. “Where’s your car sir?” he asked. “Oh, my shiny red car’s just at the back. I’ll just have a coffee and I’ll be out.” They talked over a cup of coffee and the barman took the customer out. He had to stop himself from laughing when he saw a rusty car at the back. With a chuckle, the customer said “Yeah, I know. Alcohol helps make it look shiny.”


The man left with a wink and the barman got on his own ride. He remembered how the man mentioned “I want to sell my car. I need to junk my car for cash.” but he thought he was just drunk! After seeing the rusty old car though, the thought of “junk my car for cash” wasn’t such a weird idea to have occurred to him.


This is where we come in. At MillsMotors Inc., we give you the best possible deal to get money for your car. We wouldn’t mind if your car is red and shiny or old and rusty! Since 1984, we have been the answer to those who have asked themselves this question “Where can I sell my car for cash?”


For more than 25 years now, all it takes for you to get the answer to your “Where can I junk my car for cash?” question is let us know by dialing our number at 800-640-3236 or visit our website where you can fill out the form for getting a quote when you entertain your “sell my car for cash”. We can then talk about the price for your car, pick it up, and pay you on the same day!


Imagine being able to get money from a junk car. Or maybe you just need money for more immediate concerns. Used, brand new, wrecked, totaled, or junk, we can get your car from you and give you back its monetary worth after reviewing its condition.


If you’ve frequently wondered “Where can I sell my car for cash?” or how to go about the whole selling process, we can help you have an easier time with our easy but safe procedure. Take the first step and get in touch with us today and who knows, you’ll have cash for cars tomorrow!


After a couple of drinks, the barman noticed that the same customer was again getting tipsy. The same thing happened the following morning and he offered the man a fresh cup of coffee. “I’ll walk you out, sir.” the barman said. “Right, my shiny red car’s at the back.”  A few paces later, the barman had to smile when he saw a shiny red car, the only one left in the parking lot. “I remember I told you I want to sell my car. I did. Then I saved some more, and bought a new one, bub.” The man left with a wink as the barman went to his old ride. Then a thought came to his mind I want to sell my car and make some money from it as well.” We helped him out and for sure, we can have a good deal for you too.