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There is more to sell my junk car than getting cash for vehicles. I want Mill Mot

Junk car removal services

There is more to sell my junk car than getting cash for vehicles. When someone says, I want Mill Motors to 'sell my junk car' since they are participating in the number of recycling endeavors in America, we are happy. Every year, about ten million vehicles are recycled in the United States. Amazingly, 75 percent of every one of those vehicles is recycled. Vehicle recycling saves about 85 million barrels of oil annually. Recycling keeps 11 million tons of steel and iron out of landfills and about 800 thousand tons of lead, copper, brass and aluminum out of landfills. So go ahead, if you have a used vehicle that is beyond repair, maybe it is time to say, I want to Mills to buy my junk car an take car of the recycling.

When people get cash for vehicles, the wrecking yards simply crush the cars. They remove the tires, gas and oil. They also remove valuable parts that can be sold to repair other cars. What happens to the oil and gas? The oil is often used to heat wrecking yard buildings and the gas runs company vehicles. Currently, wrecking yards have about 275 million tires stockpile. Eighty percent of them will be used to make recycled products such as playground surfaces, rubberized sidewalks, roadways and athletic surfaces.

More and more people are saying I want to sell my junk car to MillsMotors. They know that when they get cash for vehicles they are also recycling. Just the lead acid batteries account for tons of lead that is kept out of landfills and more than 5,000 tons of plastics.