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Junk a car and get top dollar

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Junk a Car and Get Top Dollar

I was kind of surprised when my husband told me the other day “I would like to junk my car.” I thought he was just saving up for some money and was going to rebuild it since he has had that vehicle even before we were married. I never thought he would junk a car, let alone his very first car which he hasn’t had the guts to let go of!

“I know you’re surprised, but I really do need to junk my car. I’ve never had the time to actually rebuild it and I think it’s high time for junk car removal, don’t you think?” He asked me while grinning. We have a good family car and I never minded his old car in the garage but when I thought about it, I think we really could get junk car removaland we can even benefit from it.

I had an idea on how to junk a car and mentioned them to my husband. We could sell the parts to the nearby junkyard and make money from the metal. The car was pretty big and I thought that it would amount to a good sum of money.

Before I could make the call to the junkyard to ask for a quote, however, my husband told me about something he saw online. This was when MillsMotors Inc. came into the scene. He explained that they bought cars in any condition and may be the junk car removal service we were looking for. I still made the call to the junkyard while my husband explored what MillsMotors had to offer.

When I was done on the phone, he stood up, called 800-640-3236 which was the number he saw and said “Hello there. I was wondering if I could get a quote since I want to junk my car. Oh, well, the car is old and it no longer runs…” I knew it was going to be a while before he finished so I went to get us some drinks.

He had a huge smile on his face when I returned. He asked me how much the junkyard offered and I told him the price. I was surprised when he said the offer that MillsMotors gave him! To make things even better, he said that it was very easy to junk a car with them and if we agree, we can already set a pickup date.

Finally, the pickup date came and we were very glad to receive the money on the same day as well. It was so worth it to have sold the junk car my husband had to MillsMotors instead of to the junkyard. The whole process was much easier compared to what the junkyard owner explained to me when I inquired about their services as well.

It wasn’t just being able to get rid of the old and useless car that made the whole experience a pleasant one—it was how my husband and I were able to make a good amount of money from something which we kept around for years and thought had no more use for that made such a big difference!