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Junk My Car and Get Money

Sometimes, doing the good thing isn’t always easy and most people will have to go out of their way but they will get rewards in the end. Take for instance a young hero named Rosa who needed to raise funds to help her mother and father go on vacation. She knew her parents worked hard their whole lives just to be able to send her to school and improve herself but she also knew that they didn’t have much money saved up. She so wanted to do something for them and send them off to a cruise or a grand vacation but she just had a baby and money was a bit scarce at the moment. She was stumped and the need to help her parents was so great that she couldn’t stand it anymore. One day, she told her husband about her quandary.

“I want to help send my parents on a vacation. They so deserve it but I really do not have any extra cash.” She said.

Jake, her husband, was quiet for a minute but then he said, “I was planning to junk my car but maybe we can go to junk car buyers instead?” he suggested. She was intrigued by the idea and prodded him to tell her more.

“Well, I wouldn’t get much money if I junk my car but selling to junk car buyers might net me more money.” he explained.

“That sounds like a lovely idea. Are you okay with doing it though?” she asked.

“I was going to junk my car anyway but seeing as you need money, I might as well look for a way to get more money out of it.” he answered kindly.

“You do not mind giving some money to the vacation fund?” she wanted to know.

“Of course not, I like your parents and I agree that they need to go on vacation. Now, if you can help me look for a way to sell my junk car I would be very happy.” He suggested.

So Rosa and Jake spent hours looking for a buyer and while most of them didn’t have great rates and had way too complicated processes, they finally found a company that sounded promising. Jake gave them a call.

“I had plans to junk my car but decided to sell my junk car instead. Can you help me out?” he asked the operator. After a few minutes, they agreed to a date when the team would come over and pick up the car and give them money for it.

“Wow, and to think I wanted to junk my car which would have netted me a mere couple of hundred bucks. This process is so much better.” He said to Rosa as the car was towed away.

In the end, they were able to contribute a significant amount to the fund and even had some money left over to pay a baby sitter and go on a date.

Would you go out of your way to sell a car to help others? Just like Jake and Rosa, you will get your just desserts if you do something good.