How It Works

Mills Motors makes it easy for you to sell your wrecked, damaged and junk cars and trucks!

If like many other Americans, you have a rusted, wrecked, inoperable junk car sitting in your garage, you must be thinking about two things- you could spend some money and have your vehicle repaired, or you could sell it off and use the money you get as a deposit on your new car! The latter is much feasible. Why? Wrecked, damaged and junk cars usually cost more than the car itself in repairs and you could easily be spending more than a thousand dollars to get it up and running.

The Question Is Where Do I Sell My Damaged Car For Cash Today?

The answer is quite simple, to us! At Mills Motors, we buy damaged cars along with used, junk and wrecked vehicles. Since 1984, we have been buying wrecked cars and trucks off people around the US and we are sure we can help YOU! While your local scrap yard might seem like a convenient solution, we are sure no one can match our competitive quotes and offers. We make sure that we buy your vehicle for slightly above the market rate, so that ultimately you benefit from the deal. Why not spend the money you get on a big flat screen TV, even better, why not use it to get another step closer to your dream car?

Here’s How We Make It Easy For You

The approach at Mills Motors has been designed to favor our clients so that they benefit from selling their junk, wrecked or used vehicles. The fact that we have made selling cars as simple as giving us a call, has helped us rid many troubled car owners from their problems. Here’s what you need to do:

Get Your Quote

First things first, we understand you need to know a ballpark figure you can secure before you move over to settling on a deal. Therefore, we advise you to start the process by getting a quote. Click here to view the ‘Get a Quote’ form where you are required to fill in all the details regarding your vehicle. Make sure you have the papers and you have the ownership of the vehicle. From brakes to engine and tires, here you will be required to select one option from the drop-box representing the condition of your car on the scale of excellent, very good, good, average and bad.

Once we have all the information, our professional vehicle inspectors get to work. We analyze the condition of your car and come up with an offer you would surely love!

Respond To The Offer

Once we have finally settled on the perfect quote, Mills Motors’ representatives give you a call. All you need to do is let us know if you accept the offer. We assure you that most of our offers are highly practical and take factors like market conditions into consideration.

Team Visit

Once we have your approval, we ask you for the most convenient location to meet (most of the times it is our client’s homes!) and we come right down with a team of vehicle inspectors. We then conduct a slight inspection to confirm all the details provided by you. Once everything is good to go, we offer you hard cash on the spot! If the amount fluctuates a bit after inspecting the vehicle physically, you still have the option to decline the offer.

We Tow Away Your Vehicle

After your approval and you accepting the payment, we take care of the necessary paperwork and hook your car up to our tow truck and get on our way! Oh and don’t worry about the tow charges, we have them covered!

Whether you are looking to sell wrecked cars or junk vehicles, we can help you out! Over the years, we have closed thousands of deals and have successfully bought vehicles off owners almost from all parts of the US. With the rise in demand, we have now successfully established offices in every US city, ultimately giving you, our clients, the best in convenience and customer service. For more information on how we can help you out, feel free to give us a call!