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Mills Motors offers the cash for vehicles alternative to a dealer trade-in

cash for vehicles

Portsmouth NH February 14, 2013Mills Motors ( wants you to know that there is finally a real alternative to trading your car in to the dealer when it comes time to buy a new car.

“Sometimes going to a car dealer is a like a lamb going to the slaughter,” says Peter Torres of Mills Motors. “You don’t know what your trade in is really worth, you don’t know what the actual price of the new car is and you don’t know how the financing factors into to the over all cost.”

The Mills Motors cash for vehicles program is a real alternative to trading in a car while buying a new one. “It takes a large part of the rather confusing equation out of the picture,” Torres explained. “When we give cash for vehicles, the car buyer only has to deal with the actual price of the new car, coupled with the financing.”

It puts an end to the games car dealers can play with a trade, such as the, “We’ll have to have a wholesaler come look at it,” ploy wherein they take your car out back and let it sit for four hours while you wait and wait. Then they come back and offer you half what the car is worth. By that time you’ve got so much time into the effort you’re willing to agree to anything.

Cash for vehicles makes the new car buying process simpler and cleaner,” said Torres. “You call us up and say ‘I want to sell my car,’ we negotiate a price on the spot and we come pick up your car and pay you your money -- usually in 48 hours or less”, he explained.

About Mills Motors and cash for vehicles

Mills Motors is the easy way to sell your junk car for cash. Just call Mills Motors and say, I want to “sell my junk car.” Best of all, with the Mills Motors cash for cars program you can sell any car or truck--in any condition by filling out an easy quote request form. Or, you can call 800-640-3236. With offices everywhere in the U.S, Mills Motors has been picking up and paying for junk cars, used cars, classic cars, antique cars, trucks, SUVs and vans for more than 25 years. For more information, please visit us on the web at