How It Works

One last day in the life of a junk car in USA

Used car

A lot happens after you say, “I want to sell my junk car.” Assuming you sell your car that day to Mills Motors, it starts by simply calling us at 800-640-3236 and saying, “I want to sell my junk car.” From there, we work out a price with you and come by to pick up your clunker and pay you cash the same day. You can also fill out a sell used car quote form online. Mills has been in the nationwide cars for cash business for more than 25 years.

If your car is truly a clunker, we tow it for free. We are also in the cars for cash business, but in a different way. Mills removes all fluids, and the fuel tank. The gasoline, engine oil, transmission oil and coolant are all recycled. Often, the oil is used to heat buildings at the wrecking yard and the fuel powers forklifts and other equipment. From there, valuable parts that can be used to repair other cars are removed. For example, the front of the car that is not damaged might be removed as a “clip” which includes the hood, front fenders, grill and headlights. The clip is used to repair the front end on another car. The same can be done for a rear clip. Engines and other mechanical parts might also be removed for sale. If the tires are in good shape they are often resold. If they’re not, they’re shredded and used to make items such as track surfaces, rubber mats and athletic areas. A lot happens when you fill out that sell used car form at Mills Motors. Given that 80% of most junk cars are recycled, when you sell I want to sell my junk car for cash, you’re doing a lot to help the environment.