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Salvage damaged car

The Wrecked Car and the Lemonade Stand

There are times when bad things happen to good people and they cause pain to others as a result. The best thing they can do is to make amends in any way they can. This is what happened to Josh when he ran over a lemonade stand that belonged to his neighbors. He knew the kids’ dad worked day and night to build the fancy lemonade stand and they did understand it was an accident and forgave him but he still felt like the bad guy. After he crashed their stand, he hit a tree and he ended up with a wrecked car. The shop said his wrecked car was beyond repair and would cost a ton of money to fix so he decided to just abandon his wrecked car in his garage since he really didn’t know what to do with it. The guy at the shop he frequently took pity on him though and decided to give him some help and it really changed his life.

“You can sell that wrecked car, you know. It may not be road worthy but it is still worth something as a salvaged car.” the mechanic told him candidly as he was passing by one gloomy day.

“Oh please, you have seen my wrecked car. Who would pay money for that?” he scoffed.

“I didn’t say they would pay money for your wreck, I said it had value as a salvage value. There is a difference so simmer down while I tell you all about it.” the mechanic snarled and effectively put Josh in his place.

“Now are you ready to listen and find out all about salvaged autos?” the mechanic said and Josh nodded mutely.

Salvaged cars are not like wrecked cars in the sense that your car is given a salvage value. When it comes to salvaged cars, it can be quite difficult to come up with the correct value and this is why you need to be careful with companies that offer cash for salvaged cars.” he explained and it was like he opened my eyes.

“So what determines the value of salvaged cars?” I asked.

“It usually depends on how they were used and where they were used. Damaged cars can still be worth a lot of money but in your case, your car is a wreck so the process is bound to be more complicated. But lots of people with damaged cars get the salvage value and they love it.” He said in an apologetic tone.

He decided to ask him about companies that paid money for wrecked and damaged cars and as luck would have it, the mechanic pointed him in the direction of a company that had a long history do dealing with wrecked and damaged cars. They assessed his wrecked auto and gave him a fair amount for it which he used to help the kids rebuild their lemonade stand. He also became their biggest and most frequent customer after that.

If you have damaged cars or some wrecked autos, would you sell them to help people you have wronged? Do not allow those cars to go to seed and use them to help someone.