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Should I Take That Leap Of Faith and Sell my Car?

“I can do this.” Mike kept telling himself. He is about to tell his wife of his plans that could change their lives forever. “It’s now or never,” he thought.

Just a month ago, Mike thought things were going so well for him. His wife just gave birth to their second child. He had a great job. But all these changed when his boss called him to his office one day.

“I’m sorry, Mike. It has been a difficult year for the company. We need to cut down on our expenses.” “We have to let you go.” Just like that, he lost the job that he had for almost five years.

“Maybe, this is the perfect time for me to do what I have always wanted to do.&rdquo

Mike has always dreamed of putting up his own business. But this dream had taken a backseat. As a family man, he just couldn’t afford to take a risk. All these years, however he had never stopped wishing that one day he could muster the courage to quit his job and be his own boss.

When Mike lost his job, the desire to pursue his dream has never been stronger. “I can sell my car and use the money to start the business.” Mike has never been so sure of himself. And today is the day to break it to his wife.

“Are you sure about this? Is this what you really want to do?” She asked when he finally told her.

“Yes, but if you don’t think it’s a good idea, I can find another job. I can always find another job.”

“Mike, I know you have always wanted to do this. If you won’t do this now, you may never have the chance to ever do it in the future. Where will you get the money, though?”

“I can sell my car. I have it all figured out. I will sell my car to get the cash I need.”

“Are you sure about that? I mean, we can sell this house and move to a smaller place.”

“I already talked to someone who knows where I can sell my car. There are many companies that buy and sell car these days. I won’t have a problem to sell my car. I can even sell my car online. ”

“You already thought about this, huh?”

“I did. I have to make sure that I have all the details before I tell you about the whole thing.”

“We don’t need to sell our house then? Oh, thank God for that! For a while there I thought….

“I knew it, you liar! I know how much you love this house. Thanks for the offer, though. I really appreciate it.” Mike hugged her and felt that he has never been so blessed.

With the right research, Mike was able to find among the many choices of companies that sell car the right buyer that offered him a good price. With the money, he was able to start a small business.

“The moment I decided to sell my car online, there was no turning back for me,” he said.

Just like Mike, sometimes in our lives, we need to venture out of our comfort zone, close our eyes and take that leap of faith. Can you do the same or forever play it safe?