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How to sell my car, the one which I have travelled in for number of years and thousand of miles, has never been as easy. When it comes time to purchasing another new car, I have to replace the older one with new one. It also happened when my car is not doing daily driving up and downs on the highway then it may be because the model of the car is just not dependable anymore? The process of selling my car is also a challenge. Usually it happens in many areas of the car for truck where the parts are cheap but the labor is expensive.

In all situations it is difficult to sell my car online since I'm not much of an Internet guru or do not know much about social media. I've been told that there are better locations and then others to present a vehicle whether it's junk, wrecked, damaged or just a used car. They say that for every seat there is a person and when I want to sell my car I’ve got to find that person.

So when I want to sell my car I have to keep some solid points which are the basic requirements for me. The fair pricing is the very first requirement for me to sell my car because it really is a very heart breaking and disappointing situation for me to get turned down by a buyer who knows more about my car than I do. So I want to sell my car to a person who realizes what is a fair price for the car.

The transaction should be nice and smooth. They say that the best in life is when things flow and this applies also to selling a car online. Everybody should be able to come to the table and agree upon a price quickly without beating each other up over time or condition of the car or truck. No back alley deals, everything should be upfront and out in the open because that'll give peace of mind to both parties. Life is just too short for you to try to be the winner, selling a car should be a win-win situation.

To sell my car I should do the money transaction at the bank. The buyer can always bring cash over to the establishment but it’s best to do the transaction at the bank where the funds will be quickly secured and the title transferred.