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sell my wrecked car for money today

Steps to Sell My Wrecked Car

Wrecked cars may not look pretty but they have value. It will be a shame if you decided to junk it and not get any money. Sell your wrecked car to the right buyers and you will have a decent amount of money given to you in return. If you say “I want to sell my wrecked car but how do I do it?” below are two options you can consider.

Sell it yourself

Sell it to a used/wrecked car buyer

For those that say “I want to sell my wrecked car on my own”, you are really brave for deciding to do so. If your gamble works, then you get rid of a wrecked car and you make money. If you want to be a success at selling your wrecked car then check out some tips below.

How to sell your wrecked car (as a private seller)

Most states have laws regarding selling cars that have been damaged or involved in accidents so check what your state says so you do not get in trouble. With that out the way, the next thing to do is let people know your car is for sale. You can post ads online or in your local papers to get as many people as possible to see what you offer. Try to include photos since these prove to be especially attractive to buyers.

How sell your wrecked car to car buyers

If you say “I want to sell my wrecked car but I want to do it the easy way” then you do not want to be a private seller. It is better and so much easier to just look for car buyers online since they will offer you money for your car no matter what condition it is in. For wrecked car sellers, this is welcome news but what is even better is finding out just how easy these car buyers make it for you.

Check for car buyers online and try to look for the ones that have easy 3-step buying processes since they will save you from a lot of time and effort. The three steps involved are usually the ones outlined below:

Call the company for an obligation-free quote

Accept the quote and arrange for pick-up

Get your check and sign some papers

Do you see how easy it is? It is really no wonder why more and more people with wrecked or damaged cars opt for such a process.

Selling your car

If you have a wrecked or damaged car that you no longer want then look to car buyers for help. They will buy your car with minimal fuss and give you what it is really worth.