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Selling Cars like a Hero

Selling cars is a great way to get some money; money which may be used to help out those in need like in the case of Sam whose sister Zora simply loved playing the violin. Now Sam had old cars he had been wanting to sell so he could get new parts for his new sports car but he changed his mind the day he heard his talented sister playing a not-so talented violin. He knew she was saving up for a new one but a good quality violin didn’t come cheap and this was when he realized that selling cars could be his way of helping out his sister. So one day, he went up to his sister and said:

“How much money do you need for your violin? You know, the one you have been saving up for?” he asked casually, he didn’t want to get her hopes up yet.

“Like $700. I’d need to baby sit for several months more to get that money.” she sighed as she tried in vain to tune her old second-hand violin.

“Okay, well I can help you. Selling cars is a great way to save money. In fact, lots of people get cash for cars.” he offered tentatively.

“You would think about selling cars just so you can help me get a new violin?” she asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Look, I was planning on getting cash for cars anyway so it’s not a big deal. Cash for cars is easy money so I really do not mind helping you out.” he said.

“That’s really nice of you, Sam. I knew you wanted to sell the cars for cash so you could soup up that new car of yours.” she admitted, her eyes fill of gratitude.

“It’s no big deal. I told you, cash for cars is easy money and I can always find some other way to earn cash.” He said a bit bashfully.

“I really do appreciate this, big brother. But do you know how to sell the cars for cash? I could help you look for a buyer if you want.” She offered and he accepted knowing she wanted to reciprocate.

So Zora went online and starting looking for companies that specialized in buying old cars that no one else would get for a decent price. After scouring the internet for a few days, she finally found the company she was looking for and what she liked most about their cash for cars offer was that it was really simple. A lot of the other companies had really complicated procedures for people selling cars and neither she nor her brother had time for such things. So gave the company a call and they said they would pick up the car from their house so she wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

At the end of the day, they did manage to sell the cars and she got her new violin. Her brother got a raise and he was able to soup up his new sports car anyway.

If you were in the same situation as Sam, would you put aside your own aspirations for your sister? Think about that for a second and imagine how good you will feel after.