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Selling Used Cars

Selling used cars has its own advantages. For individuals who have more than one car in the family and would like to make a good amount of cash for whatever reasons they may have or simply would just like to dispose of a car properly, selling cars for cash is a great way. Here’s a story about an individual’s selling cars for cash experience.

He had been working for his boss as a personal assistant for more than 3 years now, and his boss had trusted him with so many tasks, even those which were for personal businesses. Being the CEO, the boss was rich and had the luxury of swapping cars whenever he pleased. He had been selling used cars from time to time, but never before had he asked Mike to do it. One day, the employee was asked by the boss: “Mike, I’d like to sell my used cars as I’ve done before. Can you call a junk shop and ask for the offers they have?” Although Mike was surprised since this was something his boss had sold cars for cash by himself before, he accepted the task of course.

Mike saw that his boss was in a pretty good mood so he asked politely, “Sir, I know you’ve been selling used cars you’ve had for quite a while now, but have you always sold them to junk shops?” The boss answered willingly that yes, he has been selling cars for cash to junk shops because his very first experience involved a wrecked car. “From then on, I thought to sell my used cars and used the sales to either improve my new car or just use the spare money for treating my family.” The boss answered in a cool manner, and then he asked Mike why.

“It’s because I really think it’s great that you properly dispose of your used vehicles and get something in return from it, but maybe you can have more advantages from it.” The boss was curious and prodded Mike to go on. “We can contact a car dealer where I used to sell my used cars and the vehicles of other family members. What do you think about this, sir?” The boss was surprised at the suggestion and thought about why he hadn’t considered this before. “You’re a very busy man, sir. I know this is the least of your concerns but I’d be glad to take care of selling your cars for cash so you can make more from it.”

Since his boss trusted him with a lot of things, Mike was assigned to make the calls and facilitate the selling process. Before he proceeded, he explained that this way, there are more advantages such as getting more value, ease of sales, free towing, and getting the money right on the very same day.

Needless to say, the boss was pleased with these details and agreed to set a date for picking up his car. He personally asked Mike to be there during the pickup, and the boss was beaming when he handed over the car keys. “I’ve been selling cars for cash for quite a while now, old man that I am. But this has so far been the most rewarding experience! From now on Mike, you will be in charge to sell my used cars!”

To make things even better, the boss gave Mike a bonus from the car sale he helped make possible. Some people do not know of the better options they can have. Would you have suggested the same strategy to make money from cars if you were in the same situation? Who knows, you may also get a bonus if you do.