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Selling a Car for the Right Reasons

Doing the right thing is not always the easiest but it feels the best after. Just take this story of a young man named John who had to make a choice between keeping the old car his deceased father used to drive all the time and selling it for extra cash to use for school. He knew his mother would have gladly given him the money but he was sure she would have to work extra hours to make up for the amount and the car was just sitting there after all. He had to sell a car fast and he needed to make sure he went to the right people so he wouldn’t get scammed.

It was hard for him to even think that he had to sell a car; it was just about the only thing of his dad’s that he had left but he knew it was wrong to just leave it in the garage when he could make money by selling it and his mother would be spared the trouble of coming up with the amount he needed for school. In the end, he decided that it was what his father would have wanted and he made up his mind and went up to his mother and said, “I need to sell my car.”

She looked stunned for a moment, “Why would you do that? Your daddy loved that car and you do too.” she reminded him.

“I want to sell my car come up with the extra cash for school. After all, it’s just sitting there in the garage and I can make good money if I sell it now.”He explained.

“If you need money for school, you know I can always find some way to get it for you.” she offered.

“I knew you’d say that, mom. But I don’t want you to go through all that trouble when the car can be sold and we can make some money.”

After a few more protests from her, she finally realized that her son spoke the truth and she stopped protesting and left him alone to handle the sale of the car.

He spend days looking for a car-buying company and at first, he was disappointed at how complicated some companies made the whole selling and buying process. He was handling a full load at school and had to work during his spare time so he couldn’t really opt for complicated processes. He was also dismayed to find that some of the car companies paid really low amounts for the cars they bought or took huge chunks as commission out of the final selling price. He needed the kind of service that would make it easy for him to sell the car. So he searched on and on until he found the service that he was looking for.

He really felt like he this was the answer to all his prayer since the company not only offered to give him good money for the car but they also gave him quite the offer saying he didn’t need to go and see them because they will go to him, assess the car, and pay him cash then and there.

As he watched the car being driven way, he knew he did the right thing and with the money he got, he was even able to take his mom out for a nice simpler dinner.

This young man had a tough decision to make; if you were in his shoes, would you have done the same thing and sell your car? It is a tough decision to sell your car but for sure, you will come to the right conclusion.