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Junk Car Removal Service Makes Dreams Come True

Camille wanted to move to New York City just so she could pursue her dreams of being a model but she knew the move would cost a lot of money and she didn’t want to burden her parents who still had to take care of her two younger sisters. She knew her parents would come up with the money if she just asked but she really didn’t want to resort to that but she couldn’t give up on her dreams either.

One day, her dad came up to her and said, “Camille, your mother and I know that you want to go to New York City and we know you do not want to ask us for money.” he said and she could feel tears form behind her eyes.

“I just don’t think asking your money is the right thing to do.” she whispered brokenly.

Her father sighed and said, “I know you won’t take money but, how about I make you an offer you cannot refuse?”

She looked at him from under her tear soaked lashes and cocked her head in questions.

“I have decided that we will sell my car so you can have the money to go.” He offered and her mouth dropped open in shock and anguish.

“But dad, you love that car!” she exclaimed

He held up his hand to silence her and said, “But I love you more and I want you to go to New York City to realize your dreams. Besides, you’re not getting a free ride since you have to look for the company to sell my car to. Besides, to sell my car is a small price to pay to help you.”

She nodded, still not believing that her dad would make such a sacrifice for her dreams. So she did as she was told and started looking for a junk car removal service since she knew her dad still hadn’t worked on restoring the car in the garage. A lot of the services she found online had really tedious processes and they were quite confusing so she looked and looked until she found a junk car removal service that didn’t have the demands the other companies did. She loved that the company offered to check the car and pay her the same day and even better, they offered to tow it for her so she didn’t have to go through all the trouble of doing it herself. She told her dad about the service and he liked the sound of it so they gave the company a call.

“That sounds like the perfect company to sell my car to.” He said once they got to talk to the representative.

“If I had a car dad, I would sell my car to them too!” Camille agreed.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s ask them to come over and let us sell my car!” he exclaimed.

And that is exactly what they did. Later on, she did manage to get her career off the ground and the first thing she did was plunk down some cash as down payment for a new car that she planned to give to her parents just to show them how much she loved them.

“Oh dad, if you ever need money I will do more than just sell my car to help you out. In fact, I will help you out even if I have to sell my car and everything else I own.” She told him as they were eating hotdogs in New York City.

“Sweetheart, I would sell my car to a junk car removal service ten times over to help you out again and again.” He said and gave her a hug.

If something good was done for you, would you take the time to repay the favor? They say one good deed begets another and in this instance, it is really true.