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Knowing Where to Sell a Car

You can only imagine how I felt when I heard that my son got into a vehicular accident a few months back. We’ve already been considering selling my car because it had some problems already but we decided to postpone it since my son used it to drive to and from his college dorm while he was moving his things.

Selling a car never felt that easy. I hated the car for one main reason, putting my son’s life in danger like that. It lost its brakes and I felt so guilty that my son had to use that old car of mine. My son was in the hospital for quite a while and he even joked that when his leg casts are taken off, he’ll break the car windows by smashing them with it.

I just told him, “I’m selling my car. It’s old, damaged, and I hate it for having put you in such a situation.” “Are you sure about selling your car?Maybe it can still be repaired, maybe we can—“ I cut him then because I knew he felt guilt about the damage he caused. I was more worried about him of course, and like I said, selling a car was so easy for me then. I could at least make some money and use it for paying the hospital bills which the car caused in the first place.

“Oh well, looks like I won’t get the chance to break the car windows if you’re selling your car and I’m still stuck in my leg casts.” We then agreed to look for a place for selling my car and my son remembered his roommate saying they once sold their damaged truck to MillsMotors Inc.

I’ve been posting ads online already when my son suddenly told me about this and wondered why he didn’t think of it sooner! We even put up a sign in front of our house saying we had a car for sale, and tried to register for the nearest car auction at our place.

Struggling to walk using his crutches at home, he showed me the website of MillsMotors Inc. which his friend had referred to him once. Never did he imagine he’d be doing this while he had casts on his legs because of the car we were then selling.

After filling out a quote form, we were pleased to hear that my damaged car was still worth a good sum! Although we already paid for the hospital bills since I didn’t know where to sell the car initially, we appreciated any extra money that comes along our way especially nowadays when the times are getting more financially difficult.

On the date when we agreed to meet with the representative of MillsMotors, my son had a silly smile on his face when he said “Selling your car feels good, huh? Too bad I can’t personally take my revenge on in though.” We laughed and ordered some fancy takeout food that night with the money we got from selling my old car. Selling a car to MillsMotors was a great way to feel better about everything that had happened because of the accident.