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Selling your vintage car- things you need to know

Selling a vintage car may turn out to be more difficult than selling a modern vehicle due to the lack of buyers. It can be even tricky if you are a first time seller as you need to market the vehicle to a niche market. Regardless of the difficulty in selling, if your vintage car is maintained well, it will generally sell at a higher price than many latest, used cars.

Due to the shortage of vintage car buyers you need to make a number of considerations before and throughout the entire selling process. Here are a few tips that can help you secure great deals for classic vehicles:

Have Minor Repairs Done

As vintage cars have seen hundreds of thousands of miles on the road, they are highly likely to have mechanical problems, some of which can only be identified by professionals. Look around for the best vintage car mechanic in your neighborhood, get your car inspected and have minor repairs done to boost its appeal.

Research Online

There are quite a number of online platforms and communities where vintage car lovers gather. Become a part of these communities and interact with people to get a realistic idea for your asking price. Remember the rule that goes for most used vintage cars - the more by original the car, the higher quotes you will get.

The Key Is To Advertise

The key to selling a vintage car for the most amount of money is advertising, the right way. Start with the car dealerships in your neighborhood and ask if they are interested in buying your vehicle. Post ads in newspaper classifieds and also remember to add a ‘for sale’ sign at the back of your car. When you are marketing online, make it seem compelling through high quality pictures and providing complete specifications.

Not Too Much, Not Too High

To negotiate the perfect deal once you start getting calls from buyers, begin with a slightly higher price than the actual value of the car. This will give you space to negotiate and will also make the deal attractive for the buyer.

Ask A Dealer

If you have been unable to sell off your vintage car to individual buyers, ask car dealers if they can sell your car on your behalf. They typically charge a small percentage of the sales price as the car will be marketed on the dealership’s lot. This is one of the easiest ways to attract buyers.

These are just a few things you need to know before selling your vintage vehicles. You can also contact us at Mills Motors to sell your vintage, used, junk, wrecked and damaged cars and trucks for amazing same-day deals!