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Signs that mean your car is wrecked or damaged

You got it in your college years and it is all that you wanted- your favorite car. However, over the next few years your car goes through a lot. All those drives, fender benders and at times you also tended to avoid the fact that it needed repairs. Nevertheless, all the use starts showing up in your car and at one point you plan to sell it out for something new.

Before you start with coming up with solutions to questions like ‘Where can I sell my car fast?’ or look for buyers, you should know if your car can be sold. In many states, even the slightest damage and other instances like a stolen and recovered vehicle is labeled as ‘junk’. Do you have a damaged or wrecked car or truck? Read on to find out:

Sign#1-The Car Has Been Totaled

This is by far the most obvious sign that you are dealing with a wrecked car or truck. If your car has ever been in a massive accident that ended up disfiguring the whole vehicle, it is junk. The easiest way to identify if your car is junk is by consulting with your insurance provider. If the cost to repair it exceeds its value, it will be labeled junk by the insurance company. The accident might have also left the care irreparable by destroying its frame, categorizing it as wrecked.

Sign#2-The Car Was Stolen and Later Recovered

According to stats from over 4 years back, a car was stolen in the U.S. every 33 seconds. Although your insurance providers might get you up and running on the road with another car and even if you get your old car back, it is labeled ‘stolen and recovered’. This makes such cars highly unattractive for buyers and you might even end up with quite lesser than what you expect if you sell it to an individual buyer.  To get a realistic picture of what you should expect, get your free quote!

Sign#3-Aftermarket Components

If your car was in an accident and you ended up changing a major component with aftermarket items, your car might have lost all its value. An aftermarket component would definitely not be a bad thing in your dream car, if you are an enthusiast and want specific upgrades. It might even become a major selling point to a certain buyer. However, with the safety risks involved with aftermarket components, many buyers steer clear of such cars.  

Consider your car junk if you made a major replacement with a part coming in from a source other than the original manufacturer.

Sign#4-The Car Is Being Sold For Its Parts Only

If you keep getting a lot of calls from savvy home mechanics who would like to purchase your car for parts that they can use on one of their own projects, you have a junk car on your hands. If your car has been resting in the driveway for quite a while now and you market it on an ‘as is’ basis this means you already know it is junk and wrecked.

However, depending on the make and model of the car if you keep getting calls for parts that can be used in other projects, you obviously have a junk car.

The trouble with identifying cars as junk or damaged lies in the varying state laws. Some states might also consider cars coming from a dealership that has been in a natural disaster as junk while other states might consider a car junk if it is not re-titled. This primarily affects the price of the car as individual buyers quote you something totally outrageous.

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