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Simple steps to avoid car theft

How to prevent car theft. Hide keys.

Every year, tens of thousands of vehicles are stolen. By following a few simple rules, you can have a long, happy relationship with your car or truck - at least until it starts needing extra attention and replacement parts to keep running! First, and the most obvious, is to always lock your doors. It is a single, simple act of pushing down a button or turning a key or clicking the lock button, but this precaution is the number one car theft prevention technique. Car criminals are generally indiscriminate. Either they want your car because it is especially fancy and can convert the truck or car for cash, or, and much more likely, they just want it because it's an easy target. A common scene would have a criminal scoping out a street, looking for cracked doors, raised internal locks, or rolled down windows. Criminals are lazy, and by leaving your door unlocked, you're welcoming them to your vehicle. Second, and as referenced above, roll up your windows completely. A cracked window makes an easy entry point for a criminal with a simple wire hook or enough physical strength to push it down further. If you have a car alarm, set it and a flashing red 'armed' light is a great warning to the thief. If a car with an alarm is broken into, the blaring lights and horns might be enough to make the criminal jump and run. Another issue to consider, never leave keys in the car. This sounds obvious, but many people will casually or forgetfully toss their keys in the vehicle or attempt to hide them somewhere on the vehicle. Or maybe you have a 'spare' key you keep in the center console, on the pull down mirror, or under the car mat. Think car thieves won't look there? Think again. Keep spares taped to the underbody of the vehicle if possible, and very well hidden. An ideal location would be nowhere near the driver's seat, or even better, taped to a hose in the engine compartment that is accessible in case of emergency. Finally, know where you're driving and parking. Look for well lit locations and avoid very late times of the night when there is less surveillance. High crime areas are high theft areas, so keep an eye out for parts of town that are problematic. A parting thought: don't make your car a target. Blinged-out wheels and flashy car stereos, cash in the cup holder and valuables visible from the windows all attract attention. Keep your car out of the hands of the thief, follow basic vigilance, and hide anything worth stealing from view - and you should have your ride for a very long time. So if all else fails, and you want to 'sell my car' or junk my car for cash, learn the possible ways by contacting the cars for cash buyer today. MillsMotors is one to keep in mind. When you are ready to sell and get paid on the same day, give them a call at 800 640 3236.