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Son, we need to have a talk before you take out that car I bought you two weeks ago for your birthday and you better listen up.” This was the first thing I said to my son on the day of his birthday as I just gave him a car of his own. I knew my son was a good boy but he was at that age when recklessness was just second nature and I needed to have this talk with him to make it clear what was expected of him on the road.

He sat up and said “Sure dad, what do you need to talk to me about?”

Road safety, basically because there are a lot of car crash victims out there due to reckless driving. I don’t want you to be one of them.

Dad, you know I’m very responsible and I would never drive recklessly.”

“You may drive carefully but I can’t say the same for other drivers. A car crash may not be caused by you but by other people so you need to know how to drive carefully and watch out for reckless drivers.”

The thought of my son being a crash victim due to some else’s recklessness made me feel bad but I forged on. “If you do get in a crash and your car is a wreck, we can sell your car as there are many companies that pay money for carsin any condition.

I am not going to wreck my car but, I am intrigued with the money for cars scheme. Can you tell me more?” he implored.

“If you wreck your car and it becomes too expensive to fix, we can sell your cat to companies like MillsMotors that buy cars. I know about them as I sold my car to them back when I was in college and needed extra cash for my tuition. My car was a wreck but you can bet they took it and paid me good money. We can even use the money we get from your car’s sale to buy you another one but only if the car crash wasn’t your doing.

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