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Tips to Sell your Car Fast


Everyone who has a junk car wants to sell it as fast as he can. But it usually takes weeks or months searching for the right buyers to sell your junk car. If you want some quick cash for cars in Dallas, Mills Motors should be your first choice.

Whenever the thought of selling your junk car comes to your mind the first option you see is putting it on sale. Advertising your old and wrecked car in a local paper is not going to get you any potential buyers.

The best way to sell your car fast and get the maximum cash is by selling it to Mills Motors. All you need to do is fill out the online quote and receive the best offer for your wrecked car.  

The Troubles of Selling your Car Privately

We can give you several reasons why you can’t sell your car fast privately-

  • Publishing Ads in Newspaper is Expensive: No matter in which newspaper you place your Ad in, it will cost you a lot of money. Also your advertisement is likely to get lost among so many other ads. You cannot sit back and wait for months to get a buyer when you want to sell your car fast.
  • Difficulty in finding Potential Buyers: One of the many difficulties that you face when selling your junk car is finding potential buyers. Many buyers will approach you but only with low-ball offers. It would take months to get a real and genuine offer.
  • As long as your Wrecked car sits, it costs money: While you still wait for your junk car to be sold you will have to bear the costs associated. With each passing day the value of your junk car diminishes affecting the price that you receive. It would cost you even more if you still pay for the insurance and oil and tire changes. Dealing with the strangers: When you place an advertisement on the newspaper or online, you will be exposed to the world. Most of the interested buyers would be strangers and will show up any time of the day. You cannot escape this situation of dealing with the strangers when you are out to sell your car.
  • Spam calls and e-mails: With so many fraudulent business and individuals it is really difficult to identify genuine buyers. When you publish an advertisement of your car you are likely to receive many spam calls and e-mails. You won’t be able to identify them so easily. Therefore, it is recommended to remain alert while selling your car even if it is a junk car.

With Mills Motors at your service, you can forget about falling into any of the above problems.

Steps to Sell your Car Fast

We have made it easier for you to sell your car fast with these three simple steps-

  • Fill in the Quote to Request an Offer: The easiest way to begin is filling the online Get a Quote form to request an offer. You will provide us information about your car’s make, model, and its condition. Based on that information we shall offer you a fair price for your junk car.
  • A Scheduled Free of Cost Pick-up: Once you agree to our no compulsion offer we will schedule a pick-up day and time. The Pick-up is arranged solely based on your convenience of time and location. The added advantage is that we offer free pick-up facility to our customers.
  • Get Instant Payment: You will receive your payment in cash at the time of the pickup itself. The transaction is done on the spot without any delay in towing away your junk car.

It has now become easy and safe to sell your car fast for the best price.