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The Cars and the Boy

Once upon a breezy afternoon, a teen boy was surprised by his father with a car key. Although the car wasn’t new, the boy who was then in high school greatly enjoyed having a car to call his own. Years passed, and he was able to maintain his good old car in a pretty good condition.

College graduation came and his father once again gave him a car key for a job well done with his education. “What do I do with two cars?” the boy asked himself. He was driving in his new and somehow bare car when he saw an advertisement saying a company was buying cars for cash. “Why would I sell my cars for cash?” He wondered.

That day he parked in their garage, the new car beside his old trusted friend. The cash for car offer was still in his mind. A though then occurred to him: “I don’t need to sell my cars for cash—not both of them at least!” It was then he decided to get cash for car, his old car.

He mulled the thought in his head and wondered how to best take advantage of the cars for cash offer he saw. Getting cash for car, especially since he had one to spare would be an easy and great way to have some savings and maybe even decorate his new car. “That’s right! I could even say a part of my old car can be in my new one when I customize it with the cash I’ll be getting from selling it!”

Brandon is now a father of two and this was the story he told us when he came to MillsMotors Inc. again to sell another car for cash. “The first time I did, I was able to make a lot of changes with my then new car. Now I’m selling that car and buying a better vehicle for my whole family!”

We have been buying cars and giving a good amount of cash for every deal we make since 1984. We believe in fair exchange at MillsMotors Inc., and value our clients. Like Brandon, we have many other clients who come back for our junk car removalservices and appreciate our prompt actions and fair cars for cash deals.

While Brandon was lucky enough to have had two cars in his life and never had to sell his car for emergency purposes, he appreciates how he was able to make decent money from his old car and save up to raise a family of his own. A lot of other individuals sell their vehicles for cash for many varied personal reasons. Whatever they may be, MillsMotors Inc. is just a few clicks or just a ring away for your car selling concerns.

May you have a fairy-tale like story such as Brandon’s or have a more urgent need for cash which makes you want to sell your car and earn some money, we at MillsMotors Inc. are here to give you fair deals for your vehicle when you have “sell my cars for cash” thoughts— whatever you vehicle’s story or condition may be.