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Ways to junk a car in new jersey

how to junk car in NJ

Ways to Junk a Car in New Jersey

Selling a junk a car in New Jersey can be a good way to make money from something which is otherwise seen as useless junk. Car owners who believe that their vehicles are no longer roadworthy or are in a really bad condition should consider going the “junk my car” route and even make some money from their old car which used to be on New Jersey roads. Here’s a story of an old sales manager who was selling a junk car.

“Dear, I think I’d rather junk my car. You know, it’s been lying around in the garage for ages. We still have your SUV. We can share that since I don’t go out much for work anymore.” This was what he said to his wife. “Are you sure about that? Do you know how to go about this procedure?” his wife asked.

The sales manager had been in New Jersey for quite a while and he had even taken care of “junk my car” concerns for some clients before. “Actually, I have a pretty good idea on how to junk my car since I have done it before.” His wife was positively surprised and asked him how he was able to do that.

He explained that basically, selling a junk a car in New Jersey begins with knowing the value of that junk car. They used to do this by using Kelley’s Blue Book online. Details like the year, make, trim, mileage, interior and exterior conditions were taken into consideration.

“Wow, so many things to take into consideration. Are you sure your car is still good enough to sell? Why don’t you just sell it to a junk shop?” asked his wife. He then further explained that junk shops would offer a much smaller amount that having a junk car sold to car dealers. He mentioned that in his years in sales, he used to advertise junk cars for sale and that usually, individual buyers and car dealers would be the ones making bids for the old vehicle.

From his years of experience, dealing with reputable car dealers is the best way to go. “Do you know who you are going to make your transactions with?” Naturally, his wife was concerned about him having a good personal car sales deal.

He explained to her about Mills Motors Inc. and that they have been a trusted car dealer for more than 20 years all over the states and even in New Jersey. That same day after talking with his wife, he phoned them up and they agreed on both a good price and a pickup date. On the date of pickup, his wife was pleased to know that they would be getting the cash the same day!

If you need to sell an old car, would you make use of conventional methods or try out new methods of sale such as online car deals? The character of our story had a successful online dealing with Mills Motors, and you can experience the same ease of selling a junk a car transaction with them when you decide to take the “junk my car” route.