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We will buy your car or truck hybrid in Los Angeles, San Diego, DC, Seattle

sell hybrid car and truck

The 1999 Honda EV1 was the first hybrid sold in America. The Toyota Prius came out the following year. To date, more than 9-million Hybrids have been sold here. For the recycling industry, that means there are 9-million Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion batteries out there that will need to be dealt with.

If you have a hybrid and are asking how can I sell my car? The answer is a resounding yes! Cars are cars. That means all the parts have value for recycling either back into other cars or to be made into new parts. The batteries also have value. If the battery goes bad, it can be recycled to make a new battery at a much lower cost than it takes to start with new materials. Unlike the lead acid battery in conventional cars, Hybrid batteries are not toxic. What is most important is that a wrecked or totaled hybrid retains value in the battery if it still works well and has not been damaged.

A lithium Ion battery often amounts to half the value of the entire vehicle when sold new. At MillsMotors, we are pleased to offer cars for cash for the hybrid variety for vehicles. Just call 800.640.3236 and state, I want to junk my car for cash. If that is the case, go to our quote form and we will review your request and get back to you with a price.You can be in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seattle, Washington DC , it does not matter .

We will come by and give you cash for your hybrid and haul it away. It only takes a day to agree on the price and get you an offer and pickup on the same day. To be sure, with so many hybrids out there, there will be more and more owners who say I want to sell my car for cash. As is always the case, we're happy to pay cash for cars when it comes to hybrids. Any wrecked, damaged, totaled or junk hybrid or alternative energy car, any where in the USA and anytime, MillsMotors will be there.