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When to sell my car

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There can be various reasons for the decision to sell a used vehicle. The economic recession, unemployment, or the immediate need for fast cash for cars to pay off certain unexpected bills may encourage someone to sell a used car. Some people may want to buy a newer car after driving the current one for a few years. An increase in the number of children within a family can also play a part in the selling of a current small car with the intent to buy a larger vehicle, such as a sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Whatever the reason is for selling a used car, how can the returns from a car sale be improved? When a person prepares for a job interview for example, a man may always trims his hair, mustache and beard, and puts on a formal suit in order to look his best. This is also true when selling a car. It is a must to clean the vehicle’s interior and exterior thoroughly. If any minor vehicle repair work is pending, get it done promptly and improve the car's appeal. This is in turn going to improve the potential sale price of the car.

Used car dealers will buy a well maintained car the fastest, as they are aware of the market value of a well maintained car and its potential. They will offer payment for used cars in good condition without much hassle. However, keep in mind, the dealer is going to re-sell it for a margin and will not pay the same sale price offered by private buyers. A professional car dealer will offer wholesale prices only.

A benefit of selling your car to a dealer is the availability of cash they have at their disposal. It is highly probable for a quick payout. If the seller is not in a desperate situation to sell a car in the very near future, he can try to sell it to private individuals. He may advertise the vehicle for sale on websites like ebay motors and Craigslist, but it is highly unlikely the car is going to be sold overnight. The vehicle’s seller may have to wait for a while and negotiate with a few potential customers to get the best price. The challenge is that there may be a lack of privacy and security when selling the vehicle privately since You can not always control who comes over to your residence or office. With all the strange people these days, knowing when to sell your car can be a risky adventure if you choose to sell privately. The safety, convenience and anonymity to get your car value and sell to a professional buyer can be a smart choice.