How It Works

Where do old cars go to die? They go to sell my car heaven.

sell wrecked car

The more important question might be, what happens to an old car once it's dead? The truth is, an old, junk car has value. All the steel and iron has value. There's platinum and rhodium in the catalytic converter and all kinds of precious metals in the five or more computers, the radio and other electronic components. Aluminum radiators, valve covers, water pumps and cylinder heads are up to four times more valuable than steel. That's because it takes ten times more energy to make new aluminum than it does to recycle old aluminum. What all this means is that you can get cash for cars even if the last trip your car takes is on the back of a wrecker.

Wrecking yards, insurance companies, towing centers and others make good money getting cash for cars. Now that you know the truth, you might be thinking, "I want to sell my car. Like companies who get cash for cars and trucks, you can get cash for any old clunkers that you have.

Getting cash for cars or trucks couldn't be easier. At Mills Motors you just fill out a quote request or give us a call at 800 640 3236 and say "I want to sell my car." We negotiate a fair price and then show up, pay you cash and haul the car away. Because we routinely pay cash for cars all over the country, we usually pay you cash and pick up your car on the same day