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Selling My Car for All the Right Reasons

Doing the right thing is not always easy but knowing what you did is for someone you love makes it feel better in the end.

This is a story of a girl who had some very hard decisions to make about junk cars she had in her garage. It is easy for people to wonder why she would keep such a number of old and useless junk cars but the story behind the cars prevented her from letting them go. You see, the old cars belonged to her dad, her mom, and her brother who all died in a car crash and she felt like letting them go would be letting go of the memory of her parents.

She was a very hard-working girl but she kept to herself most of the time like she was afraid to build relationships. The neighbors believed it was because she was afraid of getting too close to people and losing them like she did to her family. One day, an elderly neighbor saw her wistfully staring at the old cars in her garage and decided to finally to do something about it.

“My dear, I hope you don’t mind my asking, but why didn’t you ever sell those cars?” she asked.

“They belonged to my family and I could never get rid of them. They’re sort of mementos from happier times when they were still alive.” she answered.

“Ah! That is quite sad but listen, when my husband died, I decided to sell my cars. You know why? Because they made me sad and I knew that if I was to move on from the pain I needed to sell my cars because they reminded me too much of my dear departed husband.” She confessed.

“You can’t be telling me to sell my used cars.” she protested.

“My dear, deciding to sell my cars was painful but it was for the best and I know it will do you good too. Face it, your parents and brother would not want to hold on to those used cars and be sad when you can sell them and make money to add to your savings.” The old lady pointed out.

She spent a couple of days agonizing over her decision and selling her used cars but eventually, she saw the light and knew selling was the right thing to do. “I don’t even know where to sell a car.” she grumbled as she made her way to the old neighbor’s house to ask about selling the cars.

“I thought it over and you were right, I need to sell the cars but, the problem is I do not know where to sell a car.” she admitted once she got there.

“I am delighted to help you out, my dear.” Said the old lady and asked her to come in so they can talk about which companies offered the best deals for used and junk cars and which ones would be the easiest to deal with. Eventually, they came to a decision that they would scour the internet for used car and junk car buying companies that would offer her the best deals.

Would you let go of old cars that had sentimental value to you? Where would you go to sell a car and how would you go about choosing a company to sell it too?