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Selling old cars for cash is a very stressful and difficult job for most people. Finding a buyer for cars is an extremely tough task. People used to sell their cars for very little money since it was difficult to get good advertising exposure. They had only two options. First, to either repair the car and to spend alot of money and then sell it since buyers did not want a car that did not start. Or else they used to sell it off to the scrap yards for junk car prices. Today, more options are available when one is trying to sell cars for cash. Just a little research and a little patience will get you a very good offer for your old car. Your first option could be searching for a dealer who buys cars for cash which are in bad condition. The right dealer can pay you the money in cash for cars or trucks. Mills Motors will give much more than you would get when you would fix the car. Just try us, the ones offering you more money. We take your old junk cars for reuse and make use of these old car parts to build a new car. We also make use of the metal. By selling your old cars, you also help to save the environment as buyers like us build new cars out of old car parts. Many people look for rebuilt cars as they are newer but are sold at cheaper prices. One could try selling their old cars for cash to the junkyards. They pay you according to the weight of your car. This might pay something and this an option. One other good option, probably the best option for the junker, is selling old cars for cash to junk car removal companies like Mills Motors. We can take cars in any condition, just like the dealers. Even if your car or truck does not start, will take it. There is an added advantage that we provide same day service for customers. Again, if you call your car a damaged, wrecked or junker, we will send a representative or expert who buys cars for cash and they will tow it on the same day. Depending on the condition of your car, you get an offer. If you like the quote, you can make the deal and we will pay you for your car on the spot. We also tow your car or truck without charging you anything. So sitting at home, you can make some money on your old car. And we are always up dating our prices regarding the car and truck values. Finally, you could also donate your car for which you will get tax deductions, and for that you can check out